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lay flat ventilation duct

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      The lay flat ventilation duct is manufactured of PVC-coated woven fabric designed to ensure excellent tube function under severe conditions. The material is welded in heat sealing machine to form flexible tubes.these features are dramatically decrease the air leakage.the fresh air can reach further into operation tunnel or mining. They are light,flexible,durable,and need less manpower for installation.they are widely used in tunnel operation and mining. The coupling system can be steel ring,zipper or snap clasp.The diameter range from 300mm to 2000mm.other special specifications can be customized upon custom's request.


1. High strength polyester base cloth with virgin PVC coated on both sides.

2. long time and stable anti-static

3.flame retardent

4.superior broken tensile strength and tear strength.

5.extremely low air leakage rate of a hundred meter.

6.endure the temperature variation(-30íŠ--70íŠ).

7.more fold-resistant.

8.low surface resistivity.

9.environment friendly.

Cautions of using:

1.The duct with different size should be selected according to the specific circumstances underground.

2.The duct should be hoisted to straight, and should make every ring forced uniformly to avoid the weight concentratedin part rings.

3.The duct should be regularly checked ,timely repair of damaged can prolong its use life.

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